First Day of Week Two!

We were invigorated after our day off and gleefully rode the water taxi to Bailey’s Key for early AM data collection! It was a different day with lots of play and several speed swims. Our morning, after a delicious breakfast, was in the classroom where we learned from Jen about the coral restoration project. Then, we watched the video from the morning and practiced dolphin IDs. The last portion of the morning was spent with the MVA in the pool so everyone could get a chance to see what it’s like to swim with the array. After lunch, Manon spoke about Relationship Quality and we had a lively discussion about dolphin societies and interactions. The evening wrapped up with an informative presentation by Pete on fish IDs.

Daniel – Today I had fun learning how to use the MVA in the pool.

Amalia – It was very interesting to learn about the coral restoration program.

Marriah – I was very excited to recognize Mr. French from the Palapa today.

Anna – I can hardly wait to download BORIS!

Shereen – Today I saw Canivet’s Emerald.

Katariina – Two of the dolphins (Ronnie and Lenca) gave us a little show before we started observations.

Liz – We went to the pool and I got to swim with the MVA and I succeeded in about 30% of the time keeping the GoPro underwater.

Giulia – I really enjoyed Manon’s talk today.

Poppy – I wanted to play with the dolphins after data collection, but they didn’t want to play with me anymore.

Richard – I really enjoyed the discussions about dolphin social dynamics.

Kristin – I was so happy to finally hear Manon’s talk!

Manon – This morning I saw Gizmo nursing and she’s still nursing upside down.

Tomorrow we will hear again from Richard and Giulia and spend some afternoon time collecting Space Use data.

Until then,


The York U team