Ecotour Yields to Field Course(s)

Our morning data collection session went very well with much social activity both above and below the surface. Stan and Tank were hanging out together while Rocky played with Ronnie or pulled at Kathleen’s fins.

Our ecotour participants packed up to return to the chilly north (we hear they are going home to much snow!). They could have crossed paths with our incoming student group from CSU. While waiting for the students to get to AKR, we cheered Lenca and Stan during an open-water training session. Gerald and Shaslyn worked with them in front of the AKR lobby area.


The students arrived to AKR earlier than in years past. We were able to have our orientation and visit Bailey’s Key before dark! Here are our first impressions:

MacKenzey – I was really enamored and taken aback by the beauty of the landscape.

Flora – It was fascinating to see the beginning of some dolphin behaviors, especially Kami.

Jade – I just never knew that dolphins were that playful with humans.

Catalina –I really loved watching the dolphins bring us pieces of seaweed to play.

Eden – I loved the ways we got around from island to island … by boat.

Kayvon – Seeing dolphin is play is a wonderful sight.

Camdyn – I really enjoyed when we saw the dolphins and when we were leaving that Kami waved back at us.

Noa – I loved seeing the human-dolphin interaction.

Michaela – It was highly rewarding to meet the dolphins and see how they interact with people.

Annelise – I really loved meeting the dolphins and the colors of the sunset.

Alyssa – It was really rewarding after long travel to see the dolphins and sunset on Roatan fir the first time.

Paige – I’m impressed with the students’ positive energy despite the long day of travel!

Shane – It’s great to be back and I’m looking forward to an exciting week.

Don – Happy Birthday to long-time DCP Supporter Ron Burda!

Manon – Welcome CSU!

Tomorrow begins at 6:15 AM with our watery trek to Bailey’s Key for data collection and observations.

Until then,

CSU’s RAMS Abroad 2024 (still pondering a group name)