Dolphins and Fishes – we all got wet today!

Monday started with a great session and awesome underwater visibility. The dolphins were social and Buzz and Rocky seemed to play keep away with Kathleen and the MVA. They pushed each other away from her fins and swam circles around her. Thank you to six of Teri’s interns (Gillian, Giselle, Jordan, Morgan, Aliya, Izzy) who helped us collect space use data with this morning’s data collection session. After data collection, breakfast was delightful and slow with good conversation. Then, Bill, Manon, and Savanna boarded the Sabrina for the two-dive trip to Maya Key, where Manon and Savanna also snorkeled the reef. On their three snorkels, they saw: two big French angelfish, 1 tiny moray eel, a bluehead wrasse chasing another very small wrasse, and a redlip blenny who has brown lips but orange pectoral fins and eyebrows! Oops … Manon also saw a sharpnose puffer. Maybe it’s the beginning of their season. Bill saw a seahorse on his second dive and a weird unidentified spotted crab! From our porch we saw a jack show! There was a school of very large jacks chasing baitfish. There was lots of white water around our porch. It was fun to watch! Animal behavior abounded today!

Tomorrow begins with data and we shall see what the day holds!


Kathleen, Manon, Savanna & Bill