Our Last Full Day in Nassau and at DE

When we first arrived, we helped do a bit of research –
Kathleen deployed the “yellow baby” (aka the SM2M unit) and also helped Rebecca
finish up some of her control sessions. We were then guinea pigs and got to
snorkel in the new snorkel area being planned for guests between the sea lions
and dolphins. We saw a HUGE lobster and a few tinier fish.

After our snorkel, we got the chance to watch a sea lion
training session and encounter. The sea lion was PJ who starred in the movie
Andre and also PJ & the Stinkers. The trainers use a vocal bridge instead
of a whistle as for the dolphins. The hugs and funny faces the sea lions make
are just hysterical.

We then had lunch and got to play on some of the inflatable
thingees – it was fun. But, then we saw little thimble jellies and we decided
to get out of the water.

The afternoon brought us to our swim with the dolphins. This
was very cool and really fun. We got a hug, a kiss and did a few dances before
we had foot-pushes.

We wrapped up the day with an extra snorkel – we were in the
water lots today! And, since it was a day mostly with sunshine, we all got a
bit sunburned.

We head home tomorrow – but we learned a lot and did many
different things!

Tomorrow, we travel home.

It has been a great class!


The 2012 ECCs!