Better visibility and more behavior!

Today was a great session with the young boys in one of the front pools. The underwater visibility had improved even more and so I could see the parallel swims, and follow the dolphins for farther underwater without being too close. Very neat. Goombay was curious about my fins, but not too curious while Andy and Salvador swam under and around me. They even shared a pectoral fin contact!

Of course, I was clicked on and whistled at … I must admit that there are times when I wish I could read the dolphins’ minds and just know exactly what they were thinking. But, watching their behavior is the next best thing!

My afternoon session was shorter than planned. I was in a back pool with Princess, her year-old son Clifton, Abaco, Aunty V and Laguna. Aunty V paid no attention to me, but swam belly up by me a few times. Abaco and Laguna were a bit curious about me – after all this was my first session with them. Clifton was VERY curious and all around me, buzzing at the MVA and maybe even checking out his reflection in the front port. Princess did not seem to want Clifton around me much and let the trainers know my session should be done. She swam fast by me and then leaped over me. Her behavior definitely let us know what was on her mind!

More data for tomorrow!