Three Underwater Sessions!!

The underwater visibility was much improved today. I was able to enter for three sessions and collect about an hour of data. I began my day with Dot, Chippy and Jake. Chippy was very curious and checked me out often. Jake and Dot were a bit less curious of me, but it could have been that they had also just finished breakfast.

Almost immediately after my first session, I was able to observe Nina, Stormy and Gussie Mae. They were in a different pool but were very laid back about me in there to observe them. That is, Nina and Stormy paid my little attention and swam slowly around me while Gussie Mae made a few swift circle swims. All three clicked on me or around me while Stormy whistles a few times too.

Shortly after finishing my second session, I was able to observe three of the young boys – Andy, Goombay and Salvador. They were quite energetic and inquisitive. A few fast passes by me or under me while clicking and a few chases among each other.

What was even more entertaining – sort of – was that several of the dolphins “snuck up on me”. That is, they’d click only when right behind or below me and then swim past me. 

I had a great day and was very glad to collect an hour of data today!

We head in early tomorrow for another day of observations.