Dolphins! Lots of buzzing and whistling

Today was a great day because I was able to get in the water a couple of times and record dolphin behavior and sounds. My first entry was with Nina and Stormy in one of the back area pools. They were on a date, as it were. Nina is an adult female and Stormy a young adult male. They were curious about me and the array but with passing click trains and belly-up swims. Very neat to be back in the water.

My second entry was with Soca and Miss Merlin: two females with lots of personality. They were more interested in eating and hanging out near the trainers than me. I did receive a few investigative passes. Too bad the underwater visibility had gotten really silty.

The wind was up a the seas a bit choppy. A mid-afternoon rain squall kept the visibility low also. Tomorrow the wind is predicted to be a bit lower and the vis a bit better. We start the day tomorrow on the 7:30 am boat. Good thing the water is warm and the sun was out.

Until tomorrow.