The 2008 Field Season Begins with trip to DE in Nassau

Yesterday, 9 January, was a rather crazy and hectic day of packing gear, clothing and computer equipment for the two week winter field season at Dolphin Encounters. I also had to pack up Umi's blanket, food, treats and toys for her visit with my sister and her family. I am leading the field season this month at DE and John is helping me as a research assistant … he'll log the data while I record it underwater.

We took the round route to get from Mystic to Boston … via Wallingford! Umi hardly even glanced back and John and me when we left her to play with our niece and nephews. She has mellowed in her old age and likes playing with the kids. Our departure this morning was at 5 am! That's by car. Our departure from Boston was at 9:30 am. Somehow we always choose the early mornings for travel.

It was wonderful to spend 3 hours on a plane bound for 75 degree F warmth, sunshine and breezes. The array case was searched, as always, but repacked nicely (Thank you TSA). It took a few hours this afternoon to unpack and prepare the MVA for tomorrow's first trip to DE for data collection. I am very much looking forward to seeing the dolphins and the humans. 

Until tomorrow, and more stories about our return to DE for observational data collection.