Wind, Wind, and yes, more Wind

The Wind has been blowing at ~30 +mph for 2.5 days. Howling, in fact. We got to DE and could not see the sea floor in the dolphin pools. This did not bode well for underwater visibility.

John and I waited all morning – in hopes that the wind and rain would subside. The latter did … the sun even made a guest appearance! Blue sky was peppered by cumulus clouds. Still, the wind blew. (notice the theme in today's report?)

So, at 1 pm, we decided to call it a day. Now, at ~ 5 pm, the wind is substantially decreased, though still blowing. The white caps from shore seem less. We will try again tomorrow, our last day for data collection this January at DE, to collect some MVA observations. I will keep you posted. Until then, enjoy the two photos below. One shows our view during the rain/wind squall – when it was beginning to lessen. The other is of the trees and the wind (as best we can show it) at DE.



window view at DE     DE during wind