People Sittin on their Duffs, and do nothing!

Further dolphin captures in the Solomon Islands

Marine Connection has been alerted to the capture of 20 dolphins in the Solomon Islands. Although following another illegal capture in 2003 a ban was put in place by the Solomon Islands Government; however it appears this ban covers only the export of dolphins from the islands and does not include captures destined for the local market.

In 2003, Christopher Porter of Marine Exports Limited (MEL) working with partners at WIN (Wildlife International Network) captured over 80 dolphins in the Solomon Islands. 33 of these animals were exported to Mexico for a swim with dolphins programme in Cancun however it is thought only 28 of the animals arrived alive in Mexico. What happened to the rest of the dolphins captured is unknown, but reports from the Solomon Islands stated that a number had died in the sea pens they were being held in and even those that survived were in a very poor condition. International outrage at this capture eventually persuaded the Solomon Islands government to ban dolphin exports, but reports surfacing today appear to show that Chris Porter, and the authorities, are ignoring the ban.

And Mr Porter is not confining his efforts to capture dolphins to the Solomon Islands as he is also currently involved in attempts to gain a permit to capture 80 dolphins from the wild over a five-year period in Panama.