Izzy’s blog?

Well, I figured I'd see what this feature actually does. So I'll write a quick entry.

 What would you guys want to hear? I'm leading the life of an over-taxed high school senior who wants to study marine biology (and eventually cetacean behavior, if I get really lucky.) I'm applying to colleges, my first quarter just ended, but I've been really sick for several weeks, so I'm really far behind everything. (I had to go in to get caught up with my tests, etc. but I'm still sick, and we can't figure out what's wrong.) I had an orchestra concert last night, and ran an ocean science team practice today. (I'm captain of my school's NOSB team – I practically live for that team – it gives me an excuse to study ocean sciences during all of my free time. :P) I'm also working really hard on my Girl Scout Gold Award – running science clubs at the middle schools in my town. It's great. 

So, that's about it – Lets see how this blog-thing gets going…