R&D Strategies

R&D Strategies: Incremental improvements and paradigm shifts in strategy are both necessary to boost productivity

Waves of technological advancements have powered significant evolution in R&D from serendipitous drug discovery, through to rational drug design. However, as the low-hanging fruit has been picked, and recent technological advances have failed to yield high numbers of new therapies, the search is on to identify R&D strategies to improve R&D productivity
Scope of this report
  • Overview of the pressures facing drug developers, including an analysis of whether the industry is facing an R&D productivity crisis
  • In-depth analysis of R&D deal activity, together with a pipeline snapshot, to identify trends that are shaping the R&D environment
  • Identification of strategy optimization recommendations designed to drive up R&D productivity
  • Evaluation of case-studies of Big Pharma R&D strategies to determine how these companies are addressing the productivity problem
Research and analysis highlights

Over the last decade, significant investment in novel technologies has failed to yield a substantial increase in innovative drugs

To drive up future productivity, drug developers are making either incremental changes to fine-tune the R&D process or they are implementing paradigm changes to radically alter the way that R&D is carried out

R&D productivity depends on accelerating and boosting the output of drug discovery and development, and there are a range of strategies to do this, including optimizing the R&D model and improving the R&D process

Key reasons to read this report
  • Gain a clear understanding of the factors driving drug developers to change R&D strategies
  • Gain insight into the trends in R&D clinical pipeline deal activity and pipeline focus
  • Understand how a wide of strategies can optimize R&D productivity and identify how these can best be implemented