DCP’s First Wedding! Congrats Louise & Dick!

Today was jam-packed and included DCP’s first ever wedding on an ecotour! Louise and Dick tied the knot as the sunset over Bailey’s Key. They had a very personal, heartfelt ceremony, and we all cheered them on, even posing with them to celebrate. You can see they were both elated when announced as husband and wife!


Even the dolphins seemed in a more celebratory mood this morning with Kami and Gizmo checking out the MVA more closely. Louise and Dick began today with us over at Bailey’s Key for morning data collection.

The group went to Maya Key today either as snorkelers or divers and had a blast. Irma was also able to get one or two parrots to speak with her … in Spanish, of course! Shannon let me know that the divers saw a few eagle rays on their second dive and both she and Kate filled me in on the wild spinner dolphins they saw between the second and third dives!

This was definitely a day to remember! And all of us at DCP and AKR wish Louise and Dick much happiness in their marital journey!


Kathleen & DCP’s 2023 Ecotour Team (Dick, Louise, John, Kate, Linnea, Irma, Scott, Don, Shannon, Bill, Stephanie)

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