DCP Youth Program

The Dolphin Communication Project Youth Program, offered for 4th, 5th & 6th grade students in a school district, is available for scheduling. Eight classes can be offered once a week after school during the academic year or twice a week during the summer as a more informal camp program. Contact DCP (see contact page) for more details to arrange a program for your school.

General DCPYP program Information

The Dolphin Communication Project (DCP) offers an after-school, informal science education program to 4th, 5th & 6th grade students. Programs can be offered to the students of one school or to a school district. Programs are offered either in the autumn or spring semesters of a typical academic calendar. Each program is typically limited to 15 students.

WHAT: Learn how to identify and recognize different dolphins, dolphin behavior and communication. Learn about dolphin biology. Learn about video data analyses by DCP researchers at Bimini, The Bahamas & from Roatan, Honduras.

WHERE: Offered at your school or another mutually convenient location to be determined. Programs are tailored to meet the needs of participating students.

WHEN: class is 1.5 hours long, one afternoon or evening per week, dates to be arranged (8-10 weeks, depending on syllabus), for some classes a pool session can be included.

COST: $150 per student per program. (includes cost of class materials)
An informational session for parents & students will be scheduled one week prior to the beginning of a program and will be held in the location at which the class is offered.

For more details about arranging a DCPYP after-school session, please visit the DCP contact page or email us at info {at} dcpmail {dot} org. 

Download a full color brochure of the DCP Youth Program with sample syllabus.