DCP Dolphin Lesson: More Marine Mammal Adaptations!

This talk covers some of the many amazing adaptations (both physical and behavioral) that marine mammals have that help them be well suited for their environment! We highlight communication, feeding techniques, diving, and more. We also discuss how these behaviors are impacted by human activities and ways that you can help! Our speaker for this Dolphin Lesson is Brooke from the Charleston-based nonprofit, Lowcountry Marine Mammal Network. Does she sound familiar? She led our September Deep Dive on Human Impacts & Conservation – welcome back and thank you, Brooke!

Dolphin Lessons are geared toward ages 6-13, but everyone is welcome. You can also find other DCP webinars on our YouTube Channel or right here on our website – just look under the Knowledge Hub! Don’t forget, our Kids Science Activities are free to download.