DCP Deep Dive: Human-made noise impacts bottlenose dolphins’ ability to work together

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Human-made noise poses a significant problem for a wide range of animals. Individuals across animal groups have been shown to use different vocal and other behavioral strategies to compensate for the effects of noise, however, little is known of how successful they are at overcoming the impacts of noise disturbance when working together. In this talk Pernille Meyer Sørensen will present the results of a recent study done in collaboration with the Dolphin Research Center, in Florida, in which they investigated how noise affected two dolphins working together. Pernille is a behavioral biologist particularly interested in animal cooperative behavior, acoustic communication, and bioacoustics. Pernille’s PhD work was supervised by Dr Stephanie King at the University of Bristol in the UK (thesis just submitted! Congrats, Pernille!). Pernille continues working with Dr. King as a postdoc.

This Deep Dive is geared toward ages 14+, but all are welcome.

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March 15, 2023 Noon Eastern Time (NYC, Miami, etc. *NOTE U.S.A. time change on March 12th.*)

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Photo credit: Dolphin Research Center