Day 2 of Leap Year 2024!

Our day began dryer and warmer and with dolphins! Kathleen was joined by Manon, Rebecca, Eric, and Tracy to observe the dolphins and collect data at Bailey’s Key. It was our first 31+ min session of the year! The dolphins were playful and scattered all around the lagoon. We have video of everyone underwater! Ronnie delighted in playing with Kami and Gizmo … a game of chase and mouthing! Gracie shared double pec fin rubs with Alita and then a single rub sequence with Bailey. Even French swam by Kathleen twice!

The rest of the morning, after a yummy breakfast, was slow with books being read, kayaks and boards being paddled, and leisure being realized!

Our afternoon included a snorkel to Blue Channel, off West End. The water was tepid – not too cold and not too warm. We all wore rash guards or light wet suits/skins. The visibility was not great. But we saw some cool critters. There was still a solid ground swell, so the ride home was bumpy and entertaining.

We watched this morning’s video before dinner. And our meal was at normal decibel level since most of the resort guests were doing the night dive or night snorkel! Our Roatan Midnight has come early today!

Tomorrow begins as most days here – – we hope with dolphins.

Until then,

DCP’s first January 2024 ecotour group