Manon Themelin, M.Sc.

DCP Research Associate

Manon Themelin joined DCP in 2019 as a Master’s degree student from France. Her original work focused on relationship quality in dolphins, applying a method used with chimpanzees and ravens by colleagues in Europe to the DCP dolphin study populations off Bimini and at RIMS. After receiving her degree, Manon became a full-time Research Associate with DCP and is now collaborating on various research topics related to relationship quality. Her current primary research focus is on bottlenose dolphin pair swimming patterns in non-calf dyads. Still living in France, Manon remotely helps manage DCP’s students and interns who assist with our dolphin contact exchange, object play, and offspring value studies. Manon also travels several times a year to collaborate with Kathleen in the USA and in Honduras for DCP’s field courses and ecotours on Roàtan. 

Manon has always been interested in marine mammals, especially killer whale social behavior. She completed several internships at Nausicaa, France, training California sea lions and also worked two seasons at Marineland Cote d’Azur with dolphins and seals in Antibes.