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Are you a teacher looking for new ideas to use in your classroom?

Would your students like to connect with practicing scientists?

Do your students need help finding educational online resources?

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We are pleased to offer a new program for teachers of all grade levels. For one week, your students can connect directly with our scientists, allowing students to ask dolphin-related questions – and get answers directly from the researchers! Through a series of field reports, online Q & A posts, and internet phone connections your students can learn valuable information on the biology & behavior of dolphins, as well as see science in a way that extends beyond the classroom.


Connection 1: A welcome web post, specific to your school/classroom.  This post will direct your students to resources on the website, allowing them to build their web navigation skills, reading comprehension and dolphin-related knowledge base.


Connection 2: Your students send their questions & see our replies online!  Up to 10 questions per classroom.


Connection 3: A real-time web chat with one of DCP’s scientists.  The recommended method is through Skype, a free video-enabled, web-based phone program.  Students can expand on the topics covered in the search of DCP’s website and their written Q&A session and typically lasts 20-30 minutes.


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You will also receive special access to online videos and resources to help you explore the topic of dolphins in the classroom.  Alternatively, we can provide A Dolphin’s Word (DVD) and Dolphins Activity Guide – for “offline” classroom use.






  • Choose from:
  • Full program (Connections 1, 2 & 3, access to online videos & activity guide): Suggested donation $175 
  • Abbreviated program (Connections 1 & 2, access to online videos & activity guide): Suggested donation $125
  • DVD and Activity Guide only: $30.00


Requirements: An interest in the ocean, dolphins and/or conservation; internet access (high-speed required for Skype and online video viewing)


Recommendations: Connections 1, 2 & 3 should be separated by at least 1 day (ex: Monday, Wednesday, Friday) to allow for DCP web posts and classroom reading and discussions.


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Contact DCP to register your classroom today!