Change-over Day!

Even though the CSU Waterproof Rams departed this morning from AKR and Roatan, they still helped us with an AM data collection session. It was a quiet data for surface observations and space use but there was some social activity underwater. Not the least of which was Elli and Gizmo watching Champ swim a few circles around Kathleen. Shane and Kathleen had their second meetings with the students and were very happy with the progress each student showed. Thank you to Mel for the nice photo of Mr. French for today’s blog.

The CSU Rams departed at 11:00 from the resort and Bill arrived at about 12:30 and Savanna got here at about 2:30. Manon and Kathleen gave Savanna a crash course in all the trainers and the dolphins at Bailey’s Key. Savana recognized few individuals but will practice more tomorrow. We will take the morning data collection session off tomorrow in honor of Mother’s Day in France!


Kathleen, Manon, Savanna & Bill