Dolphins, Space Use, and Fiesta!

Our morning began as usual, with dolphin observations in the morning. Kathleen was surprised by a rapid fire greeting from Lenca and Tank. They LOVED her fins and hung out with her for several minutes before moving off with Rocky for some social interactions.

We found the pufferfish hiding place! There are patches of sea grass that offer coverage (can you spot them in the photo below?) … though not really good coverage from Sandy or Buzz! They and Elli all had pufferfishes that they played with and also seemed to have a game of keep away! There was lots of vocalizing and seagrass play this morning – not only trying to coerce Manon and Kathleen to play but with each other.

After a yummy breakfast, Kathleen and Manon went back to Bailey’s for more space use data collection in association with dolphin swims (it was a cruise ship day … so very busy at Bailey’s.) Meanwhile, John, Bill, Matt, and Lance all went scuba diving. Grouper, snapper, squirrelfish, and a sea turtle were highlights. Apparently, the current was a tad strong, also.

This evening wrapped up with Fiesta – delicious ribs, sides, and brownies! Yes, today was governed much by our stomachs!

Tomorrow is our second to last day of data collection for this session to AKR/RIMS. Let’s hope the wind lessens and the underwater visibility increases in the lagoon!

Until tomorrow, cheers

DCP’s June Ecotour Team (aka DCP’s JETs)