Windy Day!!

Don joined us for data collection at 6:30 AM … our ride to Bailey’s Key was smooth, even though there seemed to be a building sea just outside the cut. There was little current and good visibility for the morning data collection. The dolphins were playful but with very low surface activity. Mr. French investigated Kathleen’s fins for quite some time, and Sandy and Tilly tried to entice Manon to sea grass games. Don spent time observing our data collection process and took a few really neat perspective photos.

We also spent time at Bailey’s Key ready for the Reading study data collection. Quick synopsis – Meredith is working with Bailey and has taught her that certain 2-D symbols equate to hand symbols … cues. So, today, we tested Bailey’s recall of the symbol meanings. She is at about 60% correct in remembering what each of 11 symbols means. (see the cover photo). She’ll do better tomorrow!

We also spent time watching the storm front approach today! It is VERY windy and the seas are high. The dive team took 6-7 boats out and around to the south side of the island. Tonight, we doubt very much whether any boat could get through the channel opening safely!

We hope tomorrow will arrive with calmer seas and that we will be able to collect data in the morning.

Until then,


Kathleen, Manon & Don