We came up with a title (for today) but we forgot it.

The forgotten title was something good … but we are a bit tired from all the activity today!

Our day was full! We started with good surface activity and space use data collection, as well as observing Kathleen with the dolphins. We were able to collect activity levels and panoramic photos, too. After breakfast, Dr. K gave his physiology lecture and regaled the students with fun tidbits that were engaging and educational. Our afternoon had two hours off (which included naps, paddle boarding, and more) followed by reviewing the video from the morning, learning about video logs, and preparing for the night snorkel! Here are our impressions from the day.

Catie – I’m very grateful that Paige’s advice during the night snorkel was to think about what we were having for dinner and not that we could be dinner!

Cassie – when you are going night snorkeling and you don’t have a flashlight, you need to stick to your buddy like Elli sticks to her calf!

Camille – When I’ve gone night swimming in the past, I’m usually spending the time trying to not think about what’s in the water with me. So, it was new to actually be looking for things!

Brooke – This morning at the dolphin observations I really liked being able to yell out where the different dolphins were for the space use data because I felt like a real scientist on a journey searching for answers. It was really cool.

Jewel – my favorite part of today was once again my many interactions with the animals we saw today: the barracuda, the cat that followed us home, and all of the cool sea animals on the night snorkel, especially the sea cucumber because I’d never seen one before.

Andrea – I really enjoyed the physiology lecture this morning. It was good to learn I should not schedule my classes after lunch because all my blood flow will go to digestion and I won’t be able to focus in class.

Aly – I really enjoyed the lecture on physiology because I learned about the different aspects of water that I never really connected to diving animals before. It gave me a new appreciation for the dolphins that we observe every morning.

Mica – I found it interesting to learn the differences between burning fats versus glucose and how to cater a workout to each.

Jess – I was pleasantly surprised to learn I was not afraid on the night snorkel as I thought I’d be. And I wish I were more streamlined to move through the water more swiftly and easily.

Alexis – I found it interesting to know that the water only fluctuates 4°C, even though it felt like otherwise.

Paige – I really enjoyed using the space use data sheet this morning during observations of dolphins and the night snorkel was one of the coolest things I’ve done.

Amindra – I really appreciated how the night snorkel pushed me out of my comfort zone.

Robert – I had a great time on the night snorkel. My favorite part was getting to see two octopuses.

Dallas – The highlight of my day was hanging out with the barracuda under the platform as well as comparing the different type of species you’d see during the day snorkel versus the night snorkel.

Mai – Even though my glasses fell into the ocean, I was rewarded by swimming up to the floating platform and coming to within a foot of the face of a 4 ft barracuda … then proceeded to calmly get out and tell everyone.

Dr. K – I really appreciate all the students’ comments about my talk and about the day’s activities.

The night snorkel was the first foray for some of us into the ocean or getting off a boat and being in the ocean at night! It was a blast!

Tomorrow with bring more dolphin data and experiences!

Until then, sleep well!

DCP & the CSU Rams Abroad 2022 group 1

P.S. the cover photo is Tank playing his palm frond guitar!