Travel Day – Everyone made it!

We all made it to Roatan without a hitch, even though a few connections in Atlanta were tight! I am usually on one of the early arrival flights but today, everyone else arrived before Ron, Bill, John, and me! It felt like coming home to AKR and RIMS. It was delightful to see everyone – staff and DCP participants alike! I even got to see several of the trainers this afternoon; the dolphins will wait until tomorrow morning as I had to put the array together.

We all enjoyed the sunset and our group will be on the Isamar for the week with Alson. John got a nice shot of the sunset and Isamar from the water taxi stand. It was fun to reconnect with Chris, Dave, Don, and Jill and to welcome Louise to our roster. Everyone plans to take tomorrow slow … though I will be heading over to Bailey’s Key at 6:30 AM with anyone who wants to help with data collection!

Until then …


Kathleen and the DCP October 2021 RIMS/AKR Ecotour group