Travel Prep, Packing, Last Minute Details

The week before travel (especially field research and field courses) always feels hectic, even when extra time is set aside to pack, prepare, and just get ready for two weeks of data collection and field courses! This week has been no different. And, the added logistics related to Covid-19 negative tests, vaccination cards, and pre-check registration(s) had all of us double checking our packing lists and paperwork (multiple times!)!

Shane and I coordinated with the CSU student group (who you’ll meet in tomorrow’s blog post) to get everyone’s precheck documentation completed, and to answer any last minute questions. Yeterday morning, I heard from Manon that she arrived yesterday to Roatan and Anthony’s Key Resort (AKR), even though her luggage seems to have taken a detour! And, Manon let me know she went over to Bailey’s Key to see the dolphins and she had a lovely afternoon! I look forward to the same view tomorrow afternoon!

Today is the final packing and preparations, getting boarding passes, getting to the airport (tonight for some of the group, early tomorrow for the rest of us), and just enjoying the buildup of excitement for our first field course of 2021!

Stay tuned over the next two weeks for daily updates from our student groups about their experiences, the dolphins (of course), and our research.


Kathleen (soon to be joined by our first group)