Touch Down! A glorious arrival day!

My flight from Miami was delightful! And the arrival was spectacular! It was one of the first times in a while that I could see Anthony’s Key and Bailey’s Key on approach to Roatan! The sea was flat calm and only a few clouds in the sky! I arrived mid-day and was not pleasantly pleased when I saw the MVA rugged case was open when on the carousel! One of the latches had been broken off and the zip-ties I’d applied had not been replaced after TSA searched the case. Luckily, the MVA was undamaged, or at least seems to be the case. I’ll confirm in the morning tomorrow.

The CSU group were mostly late on arrival since their flight out of Dallas was delayed. I met Katie early as she’d been on a different flight. Everyone else (Ashley, Alyssa, Emma, Hannah, Jeanie, Emily, Sarah, Morgan, Carmel, Brooke, Sidney, Nic, Zach, and Caleb) arrived with Dr. Kanatous (aka Shane) at about 6:45 PM. They looked a tad bit weary but not the worse for the long day! We completed a form and then had a yummy dinner. Everyone smiled with anticipation when we told them that tomorrow begins at 6:10 AM at the boat dock! (Roatan midnight comes early!).

Tomorrow, the CSU team will be joining me to write our blogs. Until then, sweet dreams!