Clouds and wind above but clear viewing underwater!

Thursday dawned … sort of! The sun stayed behind a layer of clouds for the bulk of the early morning data collection at Bailey’s Key. Still, the visibility was good, the dolphins quite social, and the current strong! I swam much during this morning’s observations but was rewarded by much social behavior. Tilly jawing at Tank. Dory and Stan rolling around accompanied sometimes by Elli, sometimes by Poli, and sometimes with Tank! Gracie had another leaf and floated it in front of me. Bailey checked out her reflection again – still gorgeous!

A few rain squalls and some wind shifted the coral PVC tree cleaning that our divers were planning for this afternoon to tomorrow. Some of our scuba divers give one dive a week to assist with cleaning growth off the PVC trees from which dangle the growing coral. It’s a neat project to try to regrow some of the depleted sections of the reef.

I also spent some time this afternoon reviewing video and checking out the data sheets to be sure everything has been logged. I have one more underwater data collection session tomorrow morning. (I might try to get a second shorter session late morning, but we shall see!)

Here’s to another great day on and in the water at AKR!

Until tomorrow,

Kathleen & the 2019 DCP Eco-tour team