Another awesome data collection morning! And, Fiesta-Night Day!

Today was a bright, partly sunny morning with clear underwater visibility for data collection! (Can you sense a theme that makes me happy in the field!?) It was another 45 min session with much social behavior. Stan featured prominently in my video today as he was not only enamored of my fins but also played often with Dory and Tank, until Alita and Bailey (respective moms) decided the play was too rough! I even caught a few glimpses of Carmella in the background as she watched these play sessions (she is Stan’s mom). There was much vocalizing this morning by the dolphins also – whistles, clicks, and squawks.

Our team also did some dives and had their dolphin encounter and swim this afternoon. They got a chance to meet Bailey up close during their encounter and then to swim with the pod. I’m so proud that they even remembered some of the identification marks on several of the dolphins we’ve been observing all week!

The evening wrapped up with the fiesta night! Sadly, we missed the mac & cheese but loved the other dishes and the delicious brownies. A few of us left early and missed the limbo contest and the Garifuna dancers. Still, a good day was had by all!

Tomorrow is more early data collection …

Until then, cheers!

Kathleen & the 2019 DCP Eco-tour team