Today was a great day on the island! In the morning, Taylor and I took the morning off to do some SCUBA diving at Neal Watson’s Bimini Scuba Center! It was Taylor’s first time under the sea as an open water diver. She was a little nervous at first, but once we got down, swimming with all the fish, she was able to relax and really enjoy the dive! The next dive was an extremely shallow dive, almost too shallow to be considered a dive, but it was a shark dive! We headed to Triangle Rocks where Caribbean reef sharks were circling the boat and swam with them for about 40 minutes. About half way through the dive, two spotted eagle rays decided to pay us a visit and swim by the shark dive! They were such a treat to see, and one of my favorites because of how beautiful they are.

After the dives, we came back to our cottage for lunch and started back on our DCP photo sorting. We were able to get some work done, but then the power went off, which we are used to by now. We waited almost two hours but the power still did not return. Unfortunately, our computers were low on battery, so we couldn’t do any DCP work, but there was a nice breeze and we were able to sit outside and enjoy some air. It was starting to get late with the sun setting when Taylor and I had a great idea. We were starving for dinner, but without power, we couldn’t make anything until the power was back on. Taylor and I had no clue when the power would turn back on, so we decided to bike over to the Hilton Hotel and have a fancy dinner. The Hilton still had power, so we were able to enjoy some cool air and a meal. Eventually we biked back to our cottage, crossing our fingers that the power would now be on by now. Luckily for us, the power came back on while we were gone! It was a great end to a great day.

Until next time, cheers!

-Nat and Taylor