Finding Lamda

While we wait to see “Lamda” (DCPID#104) again, we thought you’d like to see how he was doing during our January observation. The video isn’t edited – just the real recording of how he was swimming (great, by the way). The rescue, rehab, release and monitoring of this guy has been a serious team effort involving: Bahamas Marine Mammal Research Organization, The Wild Dolphin Project, Atlantis Bahamas and the Sarasota Dolphin Research Program.

We’re hoping to see more of #104 soon. And certainly during our 2019 Bimini field season, which begins in April. If you want to come search for Lamda with us, snag one of the remaining spaces on our 30 Jun – 5 July 2019 eco-tour! Click here for all the details and get your deposit in now.

Atlantic Spotted Dolphin – Lamda – 7 Jan 2019 from Dolphin Communication Project on Vimeo.


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