URI group departure, More researchers arrive

Today was a shift day but before shifting (so to speak), we had data collection! The URI team did another surface observation data collection while I observed and videotaped the dolphins underwater. The visibility was again VERY good. And, I watched Ritchie and Stan jaw and play with each other while Dory and Callie each played with seaweed.
The URI team had a tasty breakfast (the photo is of the group on the overlook adjacent to the restaurant!) and then packed up their gear for the return trek to New England and Rhode Island. A last few minutes of catching sun rays or paddle boarding rounded out the morning before everyone donned socks, sneakers and long pants for the flights home.
I waited about 2 hrs after URI left for Heather, Dee and John to arrive. John will be filming the research we do to create a short documentary about our research this week. Heather, Dee and I will be working on 3-4 research projects over the week. I’ll detail the different topics as the week progresses.
All in all, it was a great transition day with sunny skies, warm temperatures and calm seas! Let’s hope that weather holds this week!
Kathleen, Heather, Dee & John – DCP RIMS 2019 research team