It’s New Year’s Eve Eve on Roatan!

Today, the Rams in Roatan did their first day of data collection, lectures, and snorkeling then finished off the long day with a presentation on fish identification.
One of the Rams told us that “waking up at 5am was totally worth it when we got to watch the dolphins for the first time and see the sunrise over the jungle.”
We were then able to take the field into the classroom as only one or two people started to doze off as the last bit of jetlag began to leave their brains. I bet you everyone would get at least a C or higher on a dolphin anatomy quiz. Now on the names of some of our new friends, we may have to ask for a curve, but we are doing our best.
Someone once said that rams aren’t very good swimmers. We are happy to report that we both proved that saying right and wrong. While a few of us struggled with gear and put way too much liquid spit in our goggles, all of us eventually got comfortable and were exploring the reef of Bailey’s Key like we had been doing it for a lot longer than 30 minutes.
We had some fantastic showers post-snorkel and made our way back to the classroom for the fish ID presentation. One of our professors, Dr. K, gave us the tip that if we arrive early, we would get great seats, as this was an all-resort presentation. While on first arrival we ended up being locked out and getting not the best seats, the presentation was fantastic, and we are excited to identify stuff tomorrow.
Cheers for tonight!
the CSU RAMS in Roatan 2019 group!