New Friends


Here is each student’s thought on today – travel and arrival to Roatan!
Kyler – it was worth the journal because of the ocean I saw when we arrived to AKR.
Marcela – the start of a new journey with new people is always inspiring because we don’t know what’s coming but we know it’ll be exciting.
Marissa – upon arrival at Roatan – all exhaustion left me because of the excitement of being in a new place for the first time.
Maddi – I think the culture shock of how amazing the staff and people are here was a very nice surprise. They really want us to enjoy our time.
Kaelyn – the is the resort that nature built with friendly faces and the beautiful view that we can all enjoy. We are very fortunate to experience this view.
Sierra – The people here feel very genuine and honest and welcoming. We all seem to have the interest in the oceans and dolphins and it is cool we can all come together and learn about these topics that we all love.
Ansley – Even though it was awful to fall asleep on the airport floor prior to our travel nothing beat the views that greeted us on arrival to AKR.
Ralea – I really appreciated how everyone in our group was willing to chat and deal with my high energy level and we saw the ocean today!
Jennifer – I think it’s really interesting that our group participants have similar backgrounds in study but we all have different perspectives in how the course will be and what we will learn. It’ll be interesting to see the week progress.
Andrea – although nervous about the different unknowns and challenges, I’m excited to forma part of this experience.
Amber – I’m grateful to be able to conduct research in a field that is new to me and to do it in a wonderful place and to build new friendships and professional relationships.
Paige – I was very impressed by the camaraderie, despite the fatigue of the positive attitudes and energy and smiles all around during today’s travel!
Grant – it was really endearing to fly from the giant USA industrial airports to arrive to a tiny community airport where everyone seems to know everyone and it came across as a tight close community.
Heather – we have similarities but we all have different backgrounds and to come together is really cool.
Ally – The highlight after getting settled in was sitting on the hammock outside my room and it was very cool and I felt very thankful and relieved we all seemed to get along well.

Our CSU group has four honorary members – DCP supporters Ron and his family.
Kristin – the chaotic word I live in normally was juxtaposed immediately by the peace of nature on arrival.
Jackson – I am glad I came all the way here to snorkel and see dolphins – even though it was a long trip!
Audrey – I love the hammocks!
Ron – I’m just grateful you opened your world to all of us and to share your research and these amazing dolphins with us.
And, Shane, CSU’s professor – time to go – tomorrow starts early!
Cheers for tonight!
Kathleen and the CSU RAMS in Roatan 2019 group!