Wrapping up 2018 and welcoming 2019 on Roatan!

My bags are packed and I’m ready to go. Soon I’ll be leaving on a jet plane … Sound familiar? It’s a song … (though for the life of me I cannot at this moment remember the title or artist) but it also nicely describes my routine for preparing for three weeks in the field! I depart tomorrow early (!) for two back-to-back field courses followed by a week of research with two colleagues (Heather and Dee). John will join us on the third week to document our research and studies. So, you’ll get updates here for the next three weeks or so!
Our first group, from Colorado State University (CSU) arrives tomorrow, same as me. We should all get to Roatan (assuming the winter storms have not recently left too much havoc at the airports) mid-day.
Of course, as I packed gear, clothing, and datasheets, I had beagle assistance and attention! As the day nears its close, both Dixie and Baloo are keeping a close watch on me. If they had their way, I would never leave the house again! Too bad I can’t teach them how to collect data on dolphins!
Stay tuned as we’ll begin posting blog updates about the CSU adventure (aka field course) tomorrow (Saturday) night from Roatan.