Overcast Skies Welcomed our Last Day on Site

The weather was still overcast with periodic drizzly rain but no lightning meant we could collect data. I was able to get about 28 min of video this morning, even though the underwater visibility was a bit less than earlier in the week. The dolphins were quite playful with each other. Champ and Dory and then Champ and Tilly each decided to play with my fins and circle swim me a few times during my observations. Carmella and Bailey both whistled with bubble streams. We tried for a second session but the visibility was less later in the day and there were encounter and swim groups that were interacting with the dolphins.
Still, the week was productive with almost 4 hours of video data collected with the MVA2 and the GoPro3. Our eco-tour volunteers (Chris, Dave, Bill, Ron, Jill, Don, Madison, Nat, and John) all contributed to data collection (thank you!) and had fun either snorkeling or diving. Numerous other sea critters were observed and photographed in addition to dolphins: hawksbill and green sea turtles, nurse shark, grouper, snappers, tropical fishes, corals, sponges, and more. The afternoon also included a statistics discussion about Nat’s independent study project. All neat topics and all fun chats!
Kathleen & the DCP Eco-tour Gang!