Wednesday Brings Rain, Dolphins & Fiesta!

It was a wet day but a bright day in our activities! Two data collection sessions brought another 45+ minutes of video to our data collection for the week. The dolphins were vocal and social. For a school research project, Nat is looking at infant position among the dolphins and we saw a good bit of that posture and swim position today. The morning session also had lots of floating seaweed and flotsam. Great play toys! The dolphins tried to entice everyone near the pool to play with some amount of seaweed. At one point, Poli was trying to get me to play keep away with a leaf. When I refused to play, she left only to return with a bigger leaf! (My plan of being boring to the dolphins does not always work!) The rest of our group got in 2-3 dives today and some snorkeling on the reef. Sea turtles, many fishes and two free swimming moray eels were observed and photographed! Tonight was Fiesta night … which, in addition to meeting Garifuna dancers, was also mac and cheese night! Conversation was light and much laughter was shared.
We are all game for another early morning start tomorrow … to data collection on the dolphins, that is!
Kathleen & the DCP Eco-tour Gang!