Another Field Session for DCP to AKR, RIMS in 2018!!

It has been a couple of hectic days as we pack gear and prep for DCP’s Eco-tour to Roatan and Anthony’s Key Resort (AKR)! John is joining me along with 8 other participants – several of whom have joined DCP on previous eco-tours both to Roatan and to Bimini. I’ll be sure to introduce the team once we are settled in at AKR. Not only will I be collecting the daily non-invasive observations with the MVA but I’ll also be field testing two new protocols for collecting data about dolphin behavior from the surface. This will be a first for me because mostly I’m positioned underwater to observe and document dolphin interactions and behavior!
Because this is the third visit for me/DCP to AKR and the Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences (RIMS), I’ll be starting on MVA tape ID # A21816! That’s right! We will begin this research visit on tape session #16! I look forward to seeing the dolphins and the trainers/care givers and catching up on the last couple of months!
Stay tuned to the DCP home page for daily updates from RIMS!