Help DCP to land a grant!

Help DCP to land a grant! We’ve put in a grant proposal that you can checkout online at this link:

Anyone can leave a comment about our grant idea, and the granting agency (The MacArthur Foundation) will be keeping tabs to see which proposals generate the most buzz. If there any any fans of DC…P out there who would like to help, please feel free to leave feedback about how totally awesome our grant idea is. Which it is of course. The more the public gets excited about it, the better our chances of getting the grant! Here’s the idea in two sentences:

The Dolphin Science Academy is an Internet-based gaming application that will test
participants’ knowledge of dolphin science. By watching hundreds of
online videos focusing on topics like species identification, dolphin
biology, etc., members who attain the highest rank might even win a
chance to study dolphins in the wild.