Travel Home and Field Data Summary

Saturday was our day of travel. Luckily, our flights were in the afternoon on Saturday. That meant we could do an early morning kayak (to Bailey’s!) and some morning yoga. Dr. H and Dr. D let all the Snorkelin’ Snakes know they could join us at ~6 am for these events! Still, we had only one participant – Kassandra! Our kayak was lovely – with a calm sea and slight breeze. We said good morning to the dolphins and wrapped up the early morning with a relaxing stretch yoga session!
The airport on Roatan was BUSY! The wait lounge is much expanded and we had a relatively calm wait for our flights.
The week was a huge success with several student projects completed and a better understanding of what it takes to conduct field research imparted (we hope!). And, for my (Dr. D’s) research, about 3 hours of video with stereo audio data were collected. We observed social-sexual interactions, play behaviors, a few chases, and some pair swims. The trip was a huge success, at least from my perspective!
The students will take the next several days to analyze the data they collected and write up their research projects. I will take the next few months to log the video data collected and add the details to our assessment of dolphin dyad relationships.
Thanks for following along with our field program!