Dolphin Days are Over

The snorkel after data collection on dolphins was amazing! Kassandra’s favorite fish was the parrotfish. And we saw a sea turtle and a barracuda from the boat – both were amazing!
Paige had her best dolphin observation on our last day – the dolphins were extra loud this morning which was good for Paige because she was documenting dolphin vocal behavior.
Tank visited Alex P and Jessica three times … just to see us and play and hang out!
Kim confirmed that the dolphins were very vocal and active during morning observations – it was a two-thumbs up session!
Sam was pleased to be able to experience Gracie’s echolocation this afternoon. Teri had all the students get into the water to experience Gracie searching for a PVC loop when wearing eyecups – so she used her echolocation to find the loop.
Emily pointed out the sea turtle from the boat when they were heading to the snorkel spot off West End. Paloma saw an eel on the west side of Bailey’s Key during her last afternoon snorkel session. Jesus remembers the large school of blue tangs also over by Bailey’s Key during the last snorkel.
Alex has a whole new standard for snorkeling after today’s last snorkel trip to West End; the water was beautiful and the experience was life-changing. Soledad went way beyond her comfort zone when Alex C held her hand when they were in the water to experience Gracie’s use of echolocation; the echolocation seemed to tickle Soledad’s ears … in a good way!
Poli brought Gonzalo leaves and sea grass during the morning dolphin observation sessions – it was hard not to play with her during data collection!
Ashley is not ready to go home; she will miss the dolphins and the reef. Mike really enjoyed the echolocation experience with Gracie, too. Grant was pleased with the housekeeping time to review data … and get an overview of the data collected.
Pat enjoyed getting up early this morning for the first time this week and observing the dolphins and their behavior. Jessica: even though I did not go on the be-all-end-all snorkel trip, I got a chance to interact and swim the dolphins again and got an unsolicited kiss from Calli while Dory nibbled on my fins! Dr. H and Dr. D are happy that everyone survived with only minor scrapes but with much gained from new experiences and imparted understanding.
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