Surf’s Up!

On Tuesday, it felt great to get back on the water and search for dolphins. Plus, this week’s guests are a couple who has been chartering Bimini Adventures for several years and I always look forward to chatting with them. The sun was shining and although the breeze was strong, the seas started out calm enough. Soon, however, clouds were building to our east and south and, with that, the seas really kicked up. As I watched Captain Al assess the weather, I felt the boat turn. He’d also seen dolphins! One dolphin leapt clear out of the water, but when we reached the spot, we couldn’t find any….for a moment. Soon, there were at least 16 Atlantic spotted dolphin surfing their way west. Woo-who!

Recognizing the dolphins in the rough seas was a challenge, and they seemed very content surfing the waves, but I did see an adult I recognized as well as Sulfur (#102). Under water, I spied Lil’ Jess (#35), Vee (#101), un-named #110 and, I think, Cerra (#38). At one point, Sulfur had a long session of pec fin to pec fin rubbing with a younger juvenile before they both played with long pieces of seaweed with #110. Back on the boat, Inka (#93) rode the bow with un-named #107.

As we headed back toward shore, we kept our eyes out for different dolphins. Though we got a glimpse of a dorsal fin, another observation wasn’t in the cards. Still, we cruised home, chatting and enjoying the ride. And already looking forward to tomorrow…

Until then,