Lunch Breaks

Monday was a quiet day for Frankie and me, but there are no complaints here! After making a big pot of coffee we continued to work on photo sorting and video logs to get our hours in. We worked on data all morning and then Kel informed us that there would be no boat trip that afternoon. Although we were excited to go out on the boat, we decided to take a break and explore the island instead since it is sadly our last week here. We biked along the Queens Highway to enjoy the sea breeze and the beautiful ocean views. Although the sun was hot (as it always is) the wind helped us stay cool for the long bike ride. We then dipped down towards the Kings Highway to stop by Stuart’s Conch Salad Stand for a quick bite to eat. We love the conch salad stand because it is a little shack along the water, so we had a nice view while we ate our lunch and looked in the shallows for passing stingrays.

Then we continued our bike ride all the way to the other side of the island where the Hilton resort stands. We only stayed down at the resort end for a couple minutes, looking around inside the resort and going to the top floor to check out the pool and the view. Entering the resort gates was like entering a whole new world, and we soon just wanted to get back to our own with our little beach and CJ’s Deli. We decided to start the long bike ride home and for the first time, I think we did not enjoy the wind too much. The wind was nice on the bike ride there because it was to our backs, but the bike home was definitely a workout. It felt like we were biking in slow motion the entire way back! When we finally got home, we went straight down to the beach to cool off in the water and then laid out for a little bit, enjoying the breeze again. Soon it was time to go back to the cottage and continue our day’s work. I think we both can agree that we will miss our lunch breaks biking the island and laying out on the beach!


Nat & Frankie