Early Start to Shark Week

While there were no boat trips this weekend, Nat and I still kept busy. We woke up Friday morning planning on going on a dive; however the heavy thunderstorms pushed it off to the afternoon. By noon the sun was out and we walked over to Neal Watson’s Scuba Center for the 1 pm two-tank dive. 

Our first dive was a shallow dive through an old shipwreck (The Sapona) where Nat and I saw some gorgeous corals and plenty of rays. Nat was even able to point out a scorpion fish to me (her favorite fish). After about forty minutes, we hopped back on the boat and headed to our second location- Triangle Rocks. Nat and I were so excited for this spot we were basically geared up before the boat even stopped- it was the shark dive.

We were the first to jump in and immediately dove to the bottom to watch the beautiful Caribbean reef sharks and black nose sharks swim around us. While this was Nat’s third time at this location, it was my first, and it was a wonderful experience- we’re even hoping to go back one more time before we leave!

After coming back aboard and watching the shark feeding, we came back to shore and sat on the dock for a few minutes and watched the bull sharks swimming around the harbor before heading home. We were then lucky enough to end our Friday with a lovely dinner at Kelly’s house with her husband, Al, and her two adorable children.

Saturday was a little bit less eventful. Since we had taken a half day Friday, we worked most of Saturday, only taking a little swimming break mid-day when our eyes were slowly dying after hours of staring at a screen. However, Kelly is helping run a vet clinic this weekend on the island and asked us if we’d like to come and volunteer- so we’re hoping to take a few hours off Sunday to help out and give back a little to Bimini.


Frankie & Nat