Look, a dolphin! Oh, and another one. And another one. And…

Man it was quite a day for spotting dolphins! Bimini Adventures was once again chartered by Behind the Mask (BTM) and this time, Nat got to join Kel for a full day of scanning the horizon for dorsal fins. Within just one hour of the boat ride, we came across two bottlenose dolphins. It was a gorgeous day, the water was crystal clear and smooth, so we could see and spot the dolphins clearly from a distance. We were quick to record the sighting and try to take some pictures with the surface camera while the BTM team attempted to film the dolphins. Alas, this wasn’t part of the dolphins’ plan, but the rest of the day included seven sightings of spotted dolphins! We watched as they took bow rides from the boat and played with the free divers. The group sizes were always on the small size, but there were lots of dolphins around today, including Romeo (#10), Tina (#14), Lil’ Jess (#35) and Leslie (#80, pictured here) – all with calves. We’re pretty sure Niecey (#48) made an early appearance with her calf and that soon-to-have-her-name-announced #112 was leading a group of young juveniles/older calves.

With scattered squalls, lightning and thunder, we were grateful to make it back to the dock with nothing more than a sprinkle on our skin. Photo download and blog posting is behind us – time for bed!

Until tomorrow,

Nat & Kel