I’m leaving on a jet plane – Nope! I’m on a boat

Hope you enjoy Short Field Experience Intern J.P.’s final blog post! Keep checking back for new posts throughout the summer from the rest of the 2018 team!


It’s Sunday, and my bags are packed and it is my last day in Bimini.  I am filled with mixed emotions as I am excited to go home again but will also miss this island.  I console myself with the thoughts that this will not be the last time I come back here.  I finish up any last minute work I can as I clean up the efficiency and pack anything I left out that I needed for the day.

I check my email and I have something from Kel about being with the kids at the beach near me.  I go to say hi and we chat for a little and discuss how clear the water is here compared to New England.  We discuss the travel plans one more time and I go back to finish things up.

As it is getting closer to the departure time I get a ride to the airport with Kel’s help.  I arrive there hearing similar stories of the firetruck debacle.  I get in line and board with a relatively small wait compared to the airport.  I find a seat and store my bag waiting and watching the seats fill up around me.  The whole time I hear how crazy it is that the airport was shut down for international flights.  Several announcements come over the PA about removing bags from seats as we will need every seat this trip.  After everyone boards we leave shortly after the anticipated departure time.

The ride is fairly smooth and fast for a ferry.  I go to the back of the boat to check the view as we leave Bimini.  There is a loud couple across from me watching the pink panther on their cell phone blasting the speaker, as far as I can tell, at full volume.  I change out my earbuds for my noise canceling headphones and continue listening to music as we proceed on our trip.  As we are approaching Miami the lighting changes and I turn to see the sun setting.  With my big camera packed deep in my bag I grab my phone and head out to the rear deck area.  I watch the sun dip behind the buildings and snap a photo.  As nice as this sunset is I am still going to miss the view from Bimini.

Until next time,