Final Plans

On Saturday, I wake up knowing this is my last weekend in Bimini.  Today I need to make new arrangements to make sure I get back home.  Due to the airport snafu I have booked myself a ticket on the ferry which is filling up quickly.  Since my phone has been acting up and the Wi-Fi keeps going out, I have had some trouble getting in touch with my airline to change my flight once I get back to the states.  After getting somewhat stable Wi-Fi, I get my phone provider to help me fix my cellular service.  Now that I can make calls again I get in contact with my airline and change my flight over.  Since I will have to take the night ferry and not knowing how long customs will take it looks like I am going to have to stay a night in Florida and take a flight the next day.

With departure plans now in place, I grab a breakfast sandwich from the local eatery and get some work done.  I am now in the last legs and trying to finish up anything I have left over.  Balancing my cold and work proves to be more difficult than expected.  I take breaks getting some fresh island air as needed to help the healing process.  The helicopter and boat routine still seems to be going on today as I take one of my breaks to see if they are doing anything different.  Nope, still just doing pass after pass down the shoreline.

As the day goes on I reach out to Nicole and Kel to get there opinion on some of the work I have completed while I finish up the rest.  They give me welcomed feedback and I work on improvements the best I can.

Sunset quickly approaches and I grab a bite and watch the sun dip into the sea.  I am going to miss this view…