Hot pursuit?

On Friday, I wake up earlier than planned with a Bahamian head cold.  Thrown off by a cold in the middle of summer and not able to sleep, I check my email.  To my surprise I have an informative email about my airline and flights from Kel.  Apparently the airport’s fire truck has malfunctioned and due to this development scheduled U.S. flights will be canceled until further notice.  Kel has been kind enough to mention some options which I look into briefly before trying to go back to sleep.  I manage to catch a few winks but unsettled by the cold and news it looks like I am going to be having an early morning. I get some work done while I am up and some breakfast at CJs after it opens.  I exchange some emails and find that everyone that was planning to leave via the airport was able to reschedule with the seaplane.  Unfortunately that does not seem to be an option for me since I brought my scuba gear therefore luggage limits on a smaller plane seem too restricting but moreover they are sold out of flights for my departure date. 

Today is Nicole’s last day and I need to get some work material from her before she leaves.  She stops by and we say our goodbyes for now.  I then head off to pick up some cold supplies to help expedite ridding this cold.  On my way back I head to the dock to see how Al is doing with the boat repairs.  Al is nowhere to be found but I run into one of the group members before she leaves for her flight.  I wish her safe travels and head back to the efficiency to get some work done and kick this cold.  The cold remedies seem to help with the discomfort as I get some more work done. 

Lunch time fast approaches and as I am eating I hear some aerial action closer than I expect.  I feel like it is right outside.  I brush it off and continue eating then I see a boat and helicopter out of my window.  I go investigate and it looks like the boat might be being pursued by the helicopter.  The boat turns around and the so does the helicopter.  After they loop a couple of times, I grab my camera and take some shots and come to the conclusion the boat is most likely being filmed/photographed.  I get back to my work and continue on as I hear the hum by as they do pass after pass.  As the sun is getting ready to set, I head to Sue and Joy’s to get another sports drink and run into Kel.  We discuss the travel craziness and plan to catch up tomorrow.

So, until then,