Sunny with wind

I wake up on Sunday and get some work done before heading off to Kel’s first group talk.  That talk consists of an introduction of the Dolphin Communication Project (DCP) and the photo identification process.  Since the weather looks questionable we agree to meet up after lunch with a final decision regarding the afternoon boat trip.  I leave and head off to grab a bite before the possible trip out.  After lunch we meet up and it has been decided that although the sun may be coming out it is the wind that is going to cause a problem.  Kel discusses a possible way to make up the boat time on the last day, prior to everyone’s flight out.  After the group agrees that making up boat time is worth packing a damp suit, we part ways for our afternoon adventures. 

I get back to work there is some talk from the group members to go check out the dolphin house.  After making some progress with my work it is getting close to dinner time.  Some group members are talking about going out for food which makes me hungry.  The invite me out and I have an internal debate.  Since it is towards the end of the day and coming back to verify my work with fresh eyes would be beneficial I decide to join the others.  After a pleasant meal and discussions are coming to an end I see some action out of the corner of my eye coming from our water view.  After some discussion with my company we come to the conclusion that it most likely was a spotted eagle ray that breached the water.  We agree to head to the docks to see if there is any more action but to our disappointment it seems to have concluded.  We head back to the suite and I take a look at my work with fresh eyes.  I get some work done and as the evidence of the sun setting is clear by the change of light on surrounding buildings.  I follow the others as they head off to take in the sunset.  I take a picture to capture a moment off the rear balcony that I spend to many sunsets back in 2014.  Since it is starting to get dark I decide to head back to my efficiency with bags in tow hoping to use the gear on the next day.

Until tomorrow,