Rain and rough waters

On Friday, I wake up to the sound of rain.  It seems like a far too common sound this time back to the island as the forecast shows more rain in the future.  I get my day started with a bowl of delicious colorful cereal with a Toucan on the box and get grinding on some data entry.  I finally figured out the best way to input the data.  I mark anything that is unclear since shorthand written logs on the water are not the easiest to interpret.  I take a break to work on my blog for the previous day and after a short while I get a welcomed email about potential boat outing in the afternoon.  I continue my work taking a short break to pack my gear for the outing. 

I head down to the docks questioning if we will go out as the weather looks questionable.  I arrive on the docks to find Captain Al, Nicole, and the group discussing the weather and if we should go out.  The group ultimately decides that due to the rough waters and the weather that they would rather reschedule as sea sickness on a good day is possible.  I head back to finish off my logs for the day.  I take a short break to grab a bite from CJs and take in the Bahamian culture as my food is prepared and Friday afternoon sets in.  I head back and finish the bulk of my logs to end the work day.  Pictured is an afternoon visitor coming to check how my work is going.  As my work comes to an end I hear the music and life getting louder as the night starts.

Until tomorrow,