Island Life

There is nothing like waking up on a beautiful island with crystal clear water to make you appreciate a small island in The Bahamas.  You tradeoff the creature comforts of the first world for the view and island culture.  When you are on an island that is about 7 miles (11 km) long you cannot afford to fit all the franchises and chains that most people have become accustomed to.  This really is a nice change of pace to make you appreciate all of the small shops and their distinct character.  An additional benefit is that a bike is more than adequate for transportation around the island.  It also makes it easier strike up a conversation if you see someone you know.  While on a ride to explore and pick up some odds and ends after finishing up my data entry for the day I bumped into my supervisor Nicole, who I had met a couple hours earlier.  She was also on her way to grab a few things and kind enough to let me join her, allowing me to get a better lay of the land.  After visiting a couple of stores we both acquired what we were looking for and luckily did not have to wait for the food shipment to arrive the next day.  On the way back she introduced me to a couple of locals who were happy to see her again.  Satisfied by the hunt we parted ways but would soon see each other again as Kel and Al were kind enough to invite us to dinner.

After short bike ride and I was again greeted with a warm welcome as Kel prepared to grill.  After some much need nutritional replenishment, conversation, and stories including how some kids wondered if grown-ups sleep, the dinner party was quickly coming to an end.  Before leaving, everyone took a look outside at the night sky to find Venus shining brightly.  I was suddenly reminded the amount of light pollution that comes with being in an urban community and how much you miss because of all of its byproducts.  The party came to an end and I left on my Huffy enjoying the island life.  I got back, checked on a few things before bed and took a look out the window to see my chariot illuminated and glowing reminding me the differences of island life.

What will tomorrow bring?